About Us

About our Company

We have manufactured all of the Hidden Litter cat litter boxes in the USA for over 10 years. We have also strived to enhance the dreaded cat litter box cleaning duties. Cat litter box clean up has always been a job nobody wants, but when you think of it, how many people jump up and down to clean a toilet?

With the Hidden Litter cat litter box our satisfaction comes from a happy customer with their feline friends. Ultimately, a greater satisfaction comes from a newly found family for a homeless kitten or cat that has been encouraged by the beauty of Hidden Litter products.

Cat lovers from everywhere face the frustrating problem of cat litter box placement. Hidden Litter has the attractive solution for any cat owner's home.

Our company's goal is to provide unique, pet products that will intrigue your pet and simplify ownership.

Ron Evans CEO, Founder

Ronald Evans & Assoc. LLC
Carthage MO 64836