Place your Hidden Litter Cat Box order with the original inventor and designer of the Hidden Litter line of Planter cat litter boxes. There are no two hidden litter box models, from this site, that can be duplicated because of their hand painted or hand textured finishes. Accessories like the Tuscany Hidden Litter Liner Pan and additional plants can only be purchased here.

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Hidden Litter Decorative Planter: Every Cat-Owner's Dream!

Some cat-owners hide their litter boxes in a shameful, dark corner of the home, while others with smaller apartments have nowhere to hide it and leave it in plain view where unexpected visitors embarrassingly pretend not to notice it.

For over ten years, Pets Best Products has been manufacturing the patented cat-owners decorating dream: the Hidden Litter box, an invisible litter box disguised as a beautiful, designer planter fitting for any home style. The brand new Tuscany model, manufactured internationally, is now ready for purchase to wholesale and retail buyers.

Starting at $64.95, the Hidden Litter box has a sturdy, plastic terra cotta-like exterior and natural-looking plant top that hides the litter contents inside. A well-sized entrance is accessible on the side of the planter for cats of all sizes to step in and out of with immediate ease and privacy. Only kitty and its owner will ever know where the litterbox is.

Ron Evans started creating Hidden Litter boxes after moving to a new condominium and facing a common dilemma of all cat-owners finding a semi-remote location to hide the litter box. "I had just moved into a brand new condominium. The litter box ended up in the dining room in plain site. I needed to find some place suitable or to simply hide the litter box."

But it was Evans' own beloved cat that gave him the product idea by scratching its claws behind a planter in the corner of the living room and sparking his imagination. The result, Hidden Litter, has been delighting homeowners since.

Apartment dwellers like Katie Behan from New York City raved, "Living in a one bedroom apartment in New York City, space is certainly at a premium. Once I found [Hidden Litter], I was able to place it beside a hutch in the foyer, the least trafficked corner in the apartment… a wonderful product for apartment dwellers!"

Other celebrity fans include Lisa Ling and Bobbie Thomas, who were featured in InTouch magazine as proud owners of the Hidden Litter planter.

Hidden Litter's seven models come with a "Fix It", Replace or Refund warranty, as a testimony to the product's durability and the company's commitment to quality. All products are backed by a money-back guarantee.

Some of Hidden Litter's Features:

*Turns an unsightly kitty litter box into a decorative piece for the home.

*Freedom to turn the planter/litter box opening away from view .

*Allows pets to enjoy privacy while using their litter box.

*Closed container hygienically controls sand and debris that an open-box would tend to scatter.

*Lightweight planter top is easily removed allowing litter access for easy maintenance.

*Multiple planter/litter boxes can be placed around the house and in bathrooms for your pet's convenience.