Traveling Cat Seat

Travelin Cat Seat

NOTICE: Cats notoriously are not as accommodating as dogs. Leaving the Travelin' Dog seat in your home at cats convenience to rest in will make your traveling task more manageable. Your cat will feel at home with it's familiarity of the Travelin' seat.

Travelin' Dog seat will also accommodate cats up to 30 lbs.

Travelin' Dog car seat keeps your cat under control during sudden stops. Keeps your cat out of harms way and out of the drivers way.

A heavy duty strap hook provides quick and easy hook-up to your pet's harness. It fastens securely with your auto seat belt for a secure ride.

Strong, wide straps provide support in sudden stops and prevent your pet from being thrown sideways.

Dependable anchor strap fastens through three openings of the pet seat to provide a strong anchor. The plastic portion of the pet seat is ribbed and reinforced for extra protection.

The seat is adjustable for your pet's size. Pets can ride 6 inches above the seat with the legs folded under or at 10" height when the legs are extended.

Thick foam and fleece seat padding provides your pet a comfortable and attractive riding surface with side padding for additional comfort.

The TRAVELIN' DOG pet seat includes a removable travel bowl for food and water on the go.

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