Hidden Litter Wooden Cat Litter Trunk

Hidden Litter Wooden Cat Litter Trunk Hidden Litter Wooden Cat Litter Trunk

This is a beautiful hand made chest that hides a little secret.... It holds a litter pan for your cat.

With an access hole in the back of the chest (or on the end if requested) a cat can access the chest at any time. The hole is placed in the back instead of the end so that people won't see the access hole but the cat will know exactly where it is. It just requires the chest to be placed 4-6 inches away from a wall, which keeps the hole from view but is plenty of room for the cat.

Hand-Rubbed finish

The finish is satin and will last for years to come.

Solid Wood

Made with solid pine wood.

Aged Look

This chest features an aged look in both the wood and the hardware. The wood is slightly distressed and looks like it was made many years ago.

Other Uses

This chest can also be ordered without an access hole so that it can be used as furniture.

Note: Does not include a litter pan or litter.

Size - 33" long X 19" deep X 16 1/2" tall

Weight - 44 lbs

Weight 52 lbs

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