Signature Model

Signature Hidden Litter Planter
Textured, Hand Painted and signed by the Original Designer

We have gone beyond the textured CAT LITTER BOX and produce a very unique Hidden Litter designer planter. Although this hand textured and painted planter is made with material of the same color it is impossible to duplicate the exact formation of material. Two models will look very similar but they cannot be duplicated. Little strokes and undercoating of different colors will be different.

These classical Signature Hidden Litter Cat Box Planters will begin with a 2 color thick undercoat or mortar color. After this process is dried overnight 4 colors are applied with a modeling effect to produce the vibrant mixture of colors. When this process dries overnight, hand painting is required to give the finishing look that produces the individual planter. Each model will be produced by order and if requested will incorporate the pets name or names and hand signed on the name plate by the artist.

Each planter is delivered complete with the finished base, false top, 2 filters, natural decorative fir bark to cover the filters and your choice of plant. Also offered with the Signature model is our fitted inner litter pan with handles that will add longevity to the life of your Hidden Litter Planter. The liner pan becomes your litter box protecting and allowing your individual Hidden Litter Planter to live a long life as its intended use as a litter camouflage.

The Signature model requires several days and manual hours to produce. It is the finest irreplaceable litter box on the market today.

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