Stonecoat - Decor

Although for the past 7 years the textured plastic Hidden Litter planters have been very well accepted for their look of luxurious pottery and justifiably the most attractive litter box of today we have had requests for an exterior hand textured model. With these highly expected requests we looked for the best possible answer to a luxurious finish. The Stone-coat material meets all expectations with its specifically picked natural color coordinated stones. The stones are crushed and mixed with a clear hand applicable adhesive that dries to a very durable, flexible and luxurious finish.

The qualities of the Hidden Litter Stone-coat models are assured to be as durable and long lasting as the qualities of the low luster plastic models. All Hidden Litter models retain the smooth interior plastic surface to help in the ease of cleaning and maintaining.

The Stone-coat models are made to order and will require extra time in shipping because they are individually textured and require some curing time to insure their durable long lasting properties. Shipping time can take 4 to 6 weeks to deliver.

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